Just 4 years ago I was at Vegfest as a fledgling vegan of around 6 months - going to talks, buying art, and stuffing my face of course. Veganism is not just a diet - there's so much more to it than what we eat - yet the food undeniably is a vital part of being vegan. Vegfest was my first vegan event - and I loved it. It was wonderful to be around so many like-minded folks, and to not have to seek out vegan options because it is a 100% vegan event. A vegan world would be so dreamy. Imagine not having to squint at labels to scan for milk powder... *sigh*

I digress! The important thing is this - This year I'll be back at Vegfest... but as a business owner! If you told Becky attending Vegfest in 2018 they'd be back here someday but as a business owner I would have laughed in disbelief. I would have almost choked on my seitan sub. I would have said "me? Run a business??? Not a hope in hell."

I have absolutely zero business background. In fact I detested business and accounting in school. I started with a solid base of knowledge regarding baking - but I had to learn how to bake vegan. As everything I knew about baking included using eggs and dairy milk! Very not vegan friendly.
Everything I know about vegan cake decorating I taught myself using Youtube, reading books, lots of practice, and by asking questions and getting feedback in some amazing vegan baking groups on Facebook. Shout out to this group in particular - it's run by Sara Kidd who is an amazing vegan pastry chef. If you have any interest whatsoever in learning how to bake vegan, I recommend joining. They're a lovely, helpful community and I've learned so much from being there. 
I really believe that passion is one of the more important ingredients in becoming self-employed and setting up a business (cake references are standard here - I will sprinkle them here and there :D).  You can learn about business-type things and finances as you go along - and I do recommend doing this. But having that spark in the beginning is vital. When tended that little spark can grow into something big and lead to amazing things! It is the reason why I will be exhibiting at Vegfest 2022 - something I never ever dreamed would happen!

Dublin Vegfest will be taking place in Leinster Cricket Club on Saturday September 24th, and Sunday September 25th. Grab your tickets here! And if you do attend, please do come over and say hi. I'd love to meet ya! :)

Have you ever attended Vegfest before? Are you planning on coming this year? Let me know in the comments below! :)
A box of 6 vegan cupcakes. Some are decorated like mini unicorns. Some have writing stamped onto toppers with vegan slogans.

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