1. Goodie Box Glow Up
If you've followed my business from the early days you will know one of my best-loved offerings is the The Goodie Box - she's a box of assorted mail order treats and also one of the very first offerings I created. When I'm making new things for you guys I like to think about what I would like to buy myself. And well, receiving vegan cake in the post - what could be more joyous?! The Goodie Box has been on a hiatus but is coming back this month... and will be even more gorgeous than ever before. I'll have all the specifics for you soon! 

I will be at Phibsboro Friday Food Market each week starting the end of September/beginning of October! I don't have a specific date for starting just yet but I will keep you updated of course. I'm really looking forward to this - I have a funky gazebo, my business banner is on its way, and I can't wait to meet you guys in real life! 🤩

3. Movin' On Up 
IVB started in my home kitchen. Many a cake and cookie have been made here. Many hours have been spent here experimenting, learning, and creating magnificent vegan cakes. This is where it all started - and I am delighted I had this space to work from. Thanks so much Mam and Dad! And sorry about the baking paraphenalia everywhere and everything being coated in flour all of the time.

After fulfilling a wedding cake order at the start of August I realised I've outgrown my home kitchen. The time had come to start branching out. So now I am very happy to say that IVB is now based in ACE Enterprise Park in Clondalkin. I got a tour of my kitchen the other day - and I was squealing over the HUGE oven for ages - she's even self cleaning! A very nerdy baker response yes, but the difference it will make to my work will be astounding!

So that's why I've been a bit quiet - lots and lots going on in the background here! I can't wait for this next chapter of IVB to begin - great things are going to happen and I couldn't be more happy to have ye along on this journey with me 🥰

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