I am fully booked for October and November! I have a few spaces left to take orders for December - check my calendar for my availability :)

Goodie Box Info

What is a Goodie Box?  
The Goodie Box is a mail order assorted treat box delivered to your door by overnight courier. I make them in small, limited batches. I create a seasonal or themed menu for each box, which I will change up every 2 rounds or so. Click here to see a show and tell!

Can I get a Made Without Gluten Box? 
In short - Yes, but not for every round I do. I take orders for MWG boxes every second round of boxes I make. I do it this way to allow for MWG orders to accumulate so that I can make the treats for the orders in batches.

MWG orders make up a tiny minority of my total orders - sometimes I will receive only one single order for a MWG box. As you can imaging making a single item of 7 different treats is not feasible! But I still want to accommodate folks who order MWG treats from me, so this is why I have chosen to take MWG Goodie Box orders this way going forward.

What will I get in my box?
Each box contains 7 assorted exclusive treats. You will always get a large cake pot, a cake popsicle, and some cookies. The other items I like to switch up for variety. Click here to see what I will be making for this round of boxes. Or don't and keep it a total surprise if you'd prefer!

What is a cake pot? 
Glad ya asked! It's a big Vegware pot filled with cake, frosting, and sometimes jam, curd, or ganache. It's equivalent in size to about 4 cupcakes. You can share, you can save some for later, or you can eat it all in one go!

Can I send one as a gift?
Of course! How very lovely of you :) Just pop in the recipient's address at the checkout and it will be sent directly to their address. Add a message to your box for no extra charge - just pop what you'd like to say in the Notes at checkout.

I wanted to buy a box but they're sold out!
I only make a limited amount of boxes per round and they almost always sell out! If you'd like to be the first to know when the next round of boxes will be available for pre-order why not subscribe to my newsletter? Alternatively keep an eye on the Spares listing around the dispatch date - I will update it with any spare treats I have going!



Mail Order Items Info

I send all mail order items by courier. There is a flat rate of €8 for delivery. Please provide your phone number or the phone number of the recipient when checking out! This is so that the courier can contact you in case there are any issues with finding your address.

On shipment of your goodies you will receive an email with your tracking number. 99% of orders will arrive next day, however this is not guaranteed. In the unlikely event there are any issues with delivery, please reply to the shipping notification email and I will be in touch to help you out.