Ordering Information And How To Order

▪️I'm one person running the whole business and such I have limited capacity. So I always recommend booking in advance!
▪️If you have a query or question please email me rather than send a DM. DMs get lost way too easily. And I really don't want to miss your query!
▪️I don't take general questions or enquiries over the phone. I genuinely don't have enough time to take calls. Also I'm autistic. So please just email me instead. 😂
If you want to order one of my predesigned cakes...
I open my website/the Online Cake Shop a week or two in advance of the upcoming month. I list all my available dates under each item. And I accept your orders until I'm at full capacity for the month. If the date you're after isn't listed it means either I'm booked out or unavailable for that date. NOTE: you can order your cake for a few days before your event, as it will keep for up to a week in the fridge. These cakes and cupcakes are ordered through my website right here! 
If you want to order a bespoke or wedding cake... 
My books are open 18 months in advance to take your orders. Honestly there's no such a thing as too much notice. The more the better! Get your desired date secured and then you can chill. If you want to enquire about bespoke cakes you can email me, or use this form
If you want to order mail order treats...
I usually do two rounds of mail order treats a month. I post on my social media a week or two in advance of when I'll be doing mail order treats. My newsletter subscribers get a password to enter my website so they can place their order before anybody else! If you'd like to subscribe to my newsletter so you get first dibs just click here
Thank you for your interest! I look forward to making something for you soon 💖